The Orange Boathouse

together we make it work



The Orange Boathouse is a protective umbrella for your yacht or future yacht. The development of The Orange Boathouse is evolved from the idea of an efficient and effective manner to realise all transactions needed for sailingyachts or motoryachts. The flexibility of our organisation ensures low costs in realizing the project all over the world.


In recent years we have become a full partner with the vision Together we make it work. Only by working together a refit, new build or reperatie can be realized the most efficient way. Therefore we have locations in the Netherlands, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Antiqua.



Jacob de Boer

Jacob de Boer


Jacob de Boer is founder of The Orange Boathouse and has a long history in the yachting world. The idea for The Orange Boathouse was created during the many projects that Jacob realised. A flexible company that works all over the world and only use people and resources as they are needed. This gives a considerable reduction in the costs of production, while the quality can be maximized.

During his spare time, Jacob can be found on the footballfield to encourage his daughters or son. “As a trainer and coach, I find in this great relaxation and motivation. To train women is amazing and challenging. And every challenge I’m going for! “.

Francois Courtze

Francois Courtze

Sales support

With a degree in Hospitality and a tremendous background in hospitality He has managed to incorporate the high level of customer service into the Supper Yacht industry. Also working on the yachts for many years and starting from the bottom of the ranks working His way up to a Captain of a Boat. During his years on the yacht he has done many refits and also new build projects. After his time working on the Yachts and learning all the challenges that crew encounter on a daily basis. He collaborated with The Orange Boathouse and opened our office in Palma de Mallorca. With his background and experience that He has obtained not only in Yachting but various other businesses He understands the level of customer satisfaction that is required in the Super yacht industry .

During His spare time you will find him on a golf course or in some mountain on his mountain bike. “Sometimes you need to step outside and get some fresh air and remind yourself of who you are and what you want to achieve”

Gerrit de Winter

Gerrit de Winter


I work as an independent marketer for many years in a wide variety of industries. The yachting industry is also part of this. After determining the needs in the market, we provide marketing advice that can then be developed into concrete deployable resources.

Besides work Gerrit is always busy with soccer. As trainer, coach or self-playing he always wants to win with pleasure in the team. This creative balance is his challenge in sports and work.