The Orange Boathouse is a super yacht refit support company perfectly positioned to provide a world-class refit solutions for our clients. With more than 15 years of experience working with yachts our knowledgeable team is more than willing to assist. We provide a transparent, modern & flexible refit and supervision structure to meet any client’s criteria. With refits successfully completed in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Marseille, Antibes, La Spezia, Urk, Balk and many more we are sure to add valuable knowledge, not just from a technical and administrative role but a world knowledge of contractors and suppliers.

With refits successfully completed in all segments of the market from modern Motor Yachts to classic Sail Yachts and everything in-between we are able to analyse and asses all the advantages offered by various yards all over the world to perfectly match our clients’ needs to a world class respected yard. This does not just have a huge technical advantage but also a tremendous financial impact, where not only time can be saved but money to. Planning is the most important aspect of a successful refit and with our dedicated team we are sure to make the entire process a success.


“Owner, the crew and myself were very impressed.”

I have used The Orange Boathouse and Jacob De Boer’s services both for Lady L and my last yacht Seven Sins and can highly recommend them. We first started working together back in 2012, when Jacob was the project manager for Icon yachts given the impossible task to finish a 10 week refit in 6 weeks for the 42m Heesen Seven Sins. Not only did he finish in time, he also finished within budget. Owner, the crew and myself were very impressed. As far as I am concerned Jacob can walk on water.

Since then The Orange Boathouse has been involved with every maintenance period and refit Seven Sins does. On Lady L Jacob is the first person I call when I have an emergency breakdown and I need a spare or repair ASAP. Within 24 hours Jacob or one of his colleagues have found the part (usually it happens on a bloody weekend or holiday) and jumped on a plane to arrive wherever we may be. Cayman Islands being the most recent and exotic destination.

I am more than happy to recommend the Orange Boathouse to any yacht. A quick call and they will start chasing the part and arrange for travel arrangements. Things I very seldom have the luxury to do myself when an emergency arises. As we are a very busy charter boat and it is logistically impossible to carry spares of everything onboard The Orange Boathouse is the difference between making or breaking a charter when unexpected equipment breaks down.

Martin Anderson

Captain, M/Y Seven Sins

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